Our Prosthetic Solutions

Purple prosthetics provides a full range of thoughtfully designed quality prosthetics. From prosthetics that will give you back the ability to walk and run to those that will able you to hold your loved one’s hand again, we have a solution to meet the needs of any user. Losing a limb can make the future feel like an unknown but with our commitment to restoring mobility and empowering lives, our prosthetics are something that you can feel confident in. Explore our prosthetic solutions below to see what your options are and what prosthetics may suit you the best.

Lower Limb Prosthetics

Our Certified Clinical Prosthetist are experienced in the fitting of all lower limb prosthetics, from the most advanced bionic and microprocessor-controlled componentry to much simpler, lightweight limbs. We have access to components from leading manufacturers and will always recommend the most clinically appropriate product and treatment path to fit your needs.

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Upper Limb Prosthetics

Upper extremity prosthetics deals with the prosthetic fitting of upper limb amputations. With the advancement in technology over the years, we can now fit you with prostheses that help you with activities and let you carry on with your life in the way you want.


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Post-Op Solutions

Persons who are well prepared for the prosthetic process, physically and emotionally- tend to return more quickly to their preferred everyday activities. Post-op solutions are a range of prosthetics designed to assist patients during post-operative healing, with a view to regaing mobility as soon as possible.

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Cosmetic Prosthesis

Purple Prosthetics provide the finest quality high definition, silicone solutions. Individually colour matched, these realistic products simply blend into everyday life.


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Paediatric Prosthetics

Prosthetics for children are very different than prosthetics for adults. Although the technology and the principle remain the same, children handle their prosthetics in their own way. Also, when it comes to children, the parents and the prosthetists are much more involved in the entire process of fitting the child with a prosthetic limb. Here at Purple Prosthetics, we aim to make children feel as comfortable as possible and get them fitted with a prosthesis that enables them to be a child and let nothing get in their way.


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Therapy is a very important part of the entire process of healing after undergoing an amputation. Your treatment doesn’t end when you are fit with a prosthesis. We provide guidance and proper practice in order to restore mobility and quality of life. We work very closely with your physician and physical/occupational therapist to ensure that you undergo proper post-operative care and prosthetic rehabilitation.

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Prosthetic Solutions & Care 



A prosthesis is a custom-made device to replace an amputated limb or body part. The primary purpose of a prosthesis is to restore function but it can also restore cosmetic appearance.

Various contributing factors, such as the material of prosthetic device, weight loss or gain, functionality, etc., require you to change your prosthesis over time. For prosthetic sockets, a useful life period of 2 or more years is expected. Prosthetic components such as feet and adaptors usually have a manufacturer warranty of 2-3 years which then require replacement for safety reasons. Some prosthetic knees and hands have warranties of up to 6 years.

While personal preference and activity will vary, you can wear a prosthesis all day. Throughout the rehabilitation phase you may start with shorter periods and work up to longer periods. After rehabilitation you can wear a prosthesis for as long as you are comfortable doing your daily activities.

There are no fixed price for prosthetics, the cost of a prosthetic device can vary depending on level amputation, technology and componentry being used.