Proper Care After Amputation Improves Prosthetic Fitting Process

Prosthetics have become so advanced that they now offer a degree of movement and functionality that wasn’t possible before. However, the level of care after amputation is key to improving the prosthetic fitting process. To achieve this, each of our patients at Purple Prosthetics in Nigeria are given the guidance they need to ensure proper care after surgery. This includes:

Caring for the Residual Limb

Following operation, the residual limb must be allowed to heal properly. This lowers the risk of infection and aids in the recovery process. If retracted scarring forms, it is important to seek medical attention quickly as this can increase the risk of infection. Our experienced Prosthetist often works with patients immediately following amputation to counsel them on infection reduction and best practices for healing. It is crucial to keep swelling under control before a prosthetic fitting. Patients are given an elastic ‘shrinker sock’ to limit swelling and promote proper healing.

Physical Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is an imperative part of the aftercare process. After surgery, patients will work with their  physical therapist to strengthen their muscles and balance after amputation. Regular physical therapy benefits the adaptation process and encourages patients to manage common day-to-day activities, such as showering or raising a chair, on their own.

Working Together

It is important patients have a medical team who works well together. This includes your physician,  prosthetist, and  physical therapist. This team of experts is key to patient recovery and continued adaption. Our Experienced prosthetist  Anukam Victor, well understands the challenges new amputees face. He is there to encourage our prosthetic patients and answer questions as they progress.

Prosthetic care both before and after surgery is vital to recovery and the fitting of a prosthetic. At Purple Prosthetics, our expert team will be there every step of the way to offer the support and after-care guidance that prosthetic patients need. If you are considering amputation or have a poorly fitted prosthetic, contact the Purple Prosthetics center in Port Harcourt  at (234) 08065541404 or visit our website to see how our experts can help.

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