With nearly 19 million people affected by diabetes in Nigeria, our orthotic and pedorthic team is committed to serving our patients by offering and a custom foot orthotics, specialty shoe wear and our Diabetic Foot Care Program.

Diabetic foot in Nigeria Orthotic Treatment Program

Patient education is a key component for managing diabetic foot in Nigeria. Patients are apprised of the proper use of their orthoses and provided with an explanation of their orthotic system.

Together with your physician, your orthotist/pedorthist will design an orthotic program to best meet your needs. This may include any of the following: extra-depth or custom shoes, custom insoles, healing shoes, shoe modifications, and/or a variety of ankle-foot orthoses. Each procedure will be outlined and explained thoroughly to you.

Diabetic Custom Footwear

People with diabetes and particularly diabetic neuropathy, need to pay special attention to the style and fit of the shoes they wear. The shoes and inserts provided by Purple Orthotics are made from breathable materials and are designed to cushion while providing extra support to the ankle, arch and heel. By evenly distributing body weight across the foot, these shoes help prevent painful pressure points, blisters and sores from developing. The extra depth shoe design allows room for special foot orthoses.

Diabetic Foot in Nigeria Care Program

The diabetic foot care program is a comprehensive approach to maintaining the health of your feet. Diabetes affects approximately 19 million people in Nigeria, and a very large percentage of these patients experience problems with their feet. Knowledgeable and consistent care can avoid potential problems, which may lead to amputation.

People with diabetic foot in Nigeria often experience medical issues with their feet and legs. The associated neuropathy, loss of sensation, and poor vision present significant challenges to proper care. Your continued walking abilities and quality of life depend upon close inspection, proper shoe wear, a few specific dos and don’ts, and a commitment with your medical care team.

Diabetic Foot in Nigeria Care Follow-Up Program

The application of the diabetic foot care program is part of an integrated rehabilitation process–and you are the most important team member! The relationship with your orthotist/pedorthist is a lifelong commitment to your health, walking ability, independence and overall quality of life.

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