Children Orthotic Solution

At Purple Orthotics. we know that caring for children is vastly different than treating adults. We have an orthotic team devoted to treating patients ranging from infants to adolescents. Purple prosthetics and Orthotics offers a full-range of rehabilitation products and services, including custom solutions for conditions such as plagiocephaly, scoliosis and cerebral palsy.

Our multidisciplinary approach to pediatric bracing and support services addresses each child’s unique needs. Your little one will receive individual attention and high-quality, outcomes-based care from infancy through adulthood.

Just as children are continually growing, our pediatric orthotists grow through commitment to advanced training and ongoing education to be at the top of their field. For you, that means your child has access to the latest technologies and pediatric clinical expertise.

Our Professionals deliver the best available children orthotics in  Nigeria