Purple Prosthetics Center

The mission of Purple Prosthetics Center is to deliver renewed hope of mobility and quality of life to our patients.

At Purple Prosthetics, we provide an innovative approach to prosthetic careand ortotic care. From in-house visits to specialized care plans, we strive to give our patients a unique, personalized experience,Our prosthetist and the team, partners with our patients physician to develop a treatment plan designed to help you achieve your personal mobility goals because we understand that working as a team will help us achieve better and more efficient results. 

We offer the latest in prosthetic and orthotic technology to help amputees achieve their mobility goals, whether those be living independently at home and spending quality time with grandchildren or pursuing sports interests.

  Our comprehensive care includes:

Prosthetic care prior to surgery, but supervised by a surgeon

Ongoing research programs and trials for new technology available only at Purple Prosthetics Center

A specialized fitting process that creates a unique prosthesis suited to the individual

New technology and techniques developed through close communication between physician and prosthetist

An amputee peer counseling network

Free consultation to pre- and post-amputation clients

Our process offers superior fit and function, even for those patients who have been dissatisfied with performance and comfort offered by prosthetic components from other providers.


We utilize the entire healthcare team to develop a personalized plan specific to each patient’s needs. This includes routine follow-ups and constant communication to assist the patient achieving his/her goals.


We understand the importance of convenience. Because of this, we will go wherever the patient is for any and all appointments. Whether it is at home or a facility, we will cater to the patient’s needs.


Our extensive lab allows for personalized socket design with superb quality in a timely manner. All of our devices are fabricated and modified in house, which allows everything to be customized towards our patients.


By using the latest technology and working with the manufacturers, it ensures our patients are getting the best possible components available. With our unique socket design and suspension techniques, we are always going above and beyond the industry standard.


Seeing is believing. We have a patient advocate program that allows amputees to volunteer their time to meet with other patients. In our experience, support is a huge step towards progression. No one is potentially in a better position to understand about living life with an amputation or supporting a person with limb loss/difference than someone who has been there. A patient advocate can offer encouragement and information from a place, and at a pace, that an individual in this circumstance can better absorb. We want our patients to know that there is a quality of life after amputation.

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Our Team

Anukam Victor
Chief Prosthetist

Victor is a certified prosthetist and Orthotist with many years experience in the field, he has worked with a few Prosthetic centers across Africa